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This is the first time I’ve really dug in and tried to create a WordPress plugin. It basically takes the images attached to a post or page and creates a looping slideshow, just like the one above. It’s very simple right now, but I’ve got some other neat ideas for it in the future. You can grab the plugin here.

Usage is simple:

    – Displays slideshow of images attached to your post/page by Menu Order. Defaults to 4 seconds.
    – Displays the same slideshow with 5 second intervals, configured via milliseconds.
    – Displays the slideshow in random order. Options are ‘sequence'(default), ‘random’ or ‘random_start’
    – Displays the slideshow at 350px tall. Control the height in pixels with this. Can also be set to ‘variable’ to allow for different image heights. Defaults to smallest image height.

If you enjoy this plugin, if it makes your life easier, if it saves you time, if you think it’s gorgeous in it’s simplicity, consider donating. I’d love to improve it more.

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  1. Hey, I couldn’t get the plugin to work due to that it was calling the js in the head and I had everything moved to the footer so it was conflicting with my current scripts, which is unfortunate. It looks and works great on other themes I tried though, great job. I have just started to get in to WP plugin development and have had a look at your code and you have inspired me to create my own plugin. It seemed like quite a daunting task but you’ve managed to accomplish this with very little code. Nice one! keep up the good work mate.

    1. @sk – Thanks for the feedback! I’m not sure exactly what you mean about moving your code to the footer. Could you describe to me what it is you’ve done there? I would love to be able to modify the code to work with your theme. Maybe you could point me to your theme and I could have a look.

    1. Rayda, yes, it *should* work with any version after that. Let me know if you have problems. Yes, you should be able to use as many pictures as you can attach to a post. Thanks for using the plugin?

  2. Hi there, I LOVE this plugin and it took me forever to find one this simple (what I wanted). Unfortunately I upgraded to WordPress 3.3 the other day, and now my slideshow is broken! It’s just displaying all the images in a line down the page. Any thoughts?

    1. I tried that tonight, along with completely reinstalling it but no luck. I haven’t changed anything else, so I’m not sure what the deal is! I also tried reuploading the photos, since they changed the media uploader, but that didn’t help either. — still just a row of pictures.

      1. @Aleina – Just glanced at your site. PhotoFade may be conflicting with another plugin that you’re using. jCarouselLite or Custom Contact Forms. Try disabling them one at a time and see if that affects PhotoFade. Let me know and I’ll try and resolve it if I can…

  3. Same problem as Aleina, just a column of pictures. Not many other plug-ins installed and deactivating doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Like the simplicity, though.

  4. @Neil and @Aleina – I’ve just pushed an update out that will (hopefully) fix the problem. Be on the lookout for a 0.1.6 release, and let me know if that fixes your issues.

    1. Still see a column of pictures. Have tried disabling other plugins such as fast secure contact form without success.

  5. @Neil – You’ve got an error in your jQuery script: Uncaught Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@href*=] // Not sure what that’s all about, but it may be affecting the PhotoFade plugin.

    @Aleina – Strange. I loaded the Custom Contact Forms on my plugin test site and couldn’t replicate the problem. Hrmmm. Don’t know if the fault is mine or theirs!

  6. I love this plugin! So simple and easy to use. I’m wondering if there any way to exclude an image from the slideshow? Thanks.

  7. Dear David,

    it has been a great pleasure to use your plugin. I admire it for it’s simplicity, it’s well scripted default behaviour which is highly customizable.

    I did come across a small problem which I am unable to fix. I would be very grateful if you could have a glance at the problem and point me the right direction.

    Somehow the script outputs this code for the height of the photofade ul element:

    Strangely this setted height is nowhere to be altered or found. The problem is want the height to be variable. So ultimately I don’t need it. The plugin functions already without this height.
    How can I simply delete this or set it to 100%?

    Here is my website:
    You can find the problem in the gallery section!

    Thanks in advance.

    1. @Lauren – Look for 0.1.7 update, I’ve just pushed it out. It adds height=’variable’ option that should enable the functionality you’re asking for, let me know if it doesn’t…

      1. Hi David,

        I’ve just tried doing that and it doesn’t resolve my problem. Actually the height of the images is calculated – I am working on a fluid layout – and that works fine in Firefox (not in Safari). But in Safari the images are skewed to fit the height of the $containerheight.

        I am trying to resolve this somehow, but can’t find how. Basically it should be as it is in Firefox but without this $containerheight box around it. And in Safari it shouldn’t be skewed the way it is…

        Any ideas on how to fix this?


      2. yes, when I put the “height=’variable'” code in, the photos didn’t appear at all.

        [photofade height='variable'] shows nothing.

        [photofade] works fine, except it goes for the minimum height, which is too small

        Otherwise, it looks a great plugin.

  8. Hey, this is a great plugin! Thanks much for you efforts.

    Is there anyway to disable the injection of the styles into wp_header that wont run the risk of it being overwritten with a plugin upgrade?

    Thanks again!

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