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This is the first time I’ve really dug in and tried to create a WordPress plugin. It basically takes the images attached to a post or page and creates a looping slideshow, just like the one above. It’s very simple right now, but I’ve got some other neat ideas for it in the future. You can grab the plugin here.

Usage is simple:

  • [photofade] – Displays slideshow of images attached to your post/page by Menu Order. Defaults to 4 seconds.
  • [photofade time=’5000’] – Displays the same slideshow with 5 second intervals, configured via milliseconds.
  • [photofade order=’random’] – Displays the slideshow in random order. Options are ‘sequence'(default), ‘random’ or ‘random_start’
  • [photofade height=’350’] – Displays the slideshow at 350px tall. Control the height in pixels with this. Can also be set to ‘variable’ to allow for different image heights. Defaults to smallest image height.

If you enjoy this plugin, if it makes your life easier, if it saves you time, if you think it’s gorgeous in it’s simplicity, consider donating. I’d love to improve it more.